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Trojan Win32.Sirefef Removal - Guide To Remove Sirefef Completely

Trojan Win32.Sirefef is a malicious bot trojan family that uses security exploitation to drop other viruses and spyware onto compromised local and network machines. Usually, Win32.Sirefef opens a security backdoor which allows remote attackers access to upload and activate further malware on the system. The Win32.Sirefef trojan may also monitor users browsing activities and transmit sensitive personal information like banking data and passwords to outside hacker websites. Win32.Sirefef is usually distributed through corrupted e-mail attachments, IRC, P2P and social networks. It may also spread via malicious drive-by downloads installed onto hacked or malware websites.

Trojan Win32.Sirefef is a threat to users security and privacy. It's strongly recommended to remove all its variants as soon as possible.
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Trojan win32.Sirefef Behavior

  • Sudden computer shuts downs and restarts
  • Deleted files reinstall after removal
  • Slow browser and internet connection
  • Strange files in task manager and Temp folders
  • Windows error messages

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